Upcoming Events


Greater Grace International Convention 2019, Baltimore, MD

  • Date: June 24 – 29

This is a special conference when GGWO churches from all around the world gather together. A group will be leaving on Sunday, June 23rd after the service. We will travel halfway and stay overnight at a hotel and then arrive on Monday afternoon for the convention.

“Walk Worthy” – Bible class resuming August 19th

  • Date: Sundays from 1:05 pm – 1:50 pm prior to the service

This semester will feature not only a continuation on how to walk worthy but also feature standing worthy in the armor of God.


Bible College – Spring Semester 2019 Semester:

Our Spring semester of Bible College classes will begin in February!

A Bible College education is for everyone. Set aside Monday nights to receive the highest form of education, and strengthen your relationship with God.


Regular Weekly Services:

  • Sunday Afternoons:
    • Bilingual Services @ 2:00 pm
    • Bilingual Sunday school for children ages 4 to 11
  • Wednesday Evening Bilingual Services @ 7:30 pm

* Mother’s room is available for mothers and infants. Nursery care is provided for children under age 4.


Other activities:

Please call 514.472.0138 for the locations and schedules

Bible College – Monday evenings @ 7pm & Sunday afternoons @ 1pm
Evangelism – Friday evenings
Bible Studies – Friday evenings
Youth Meetings – Friday evening
Prayer meetings – on every 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm
Potluck Fellowships – on scheduled Sundays

Other special events include: Guest Speakers, Missionary Conferences and Evangelical concerts as scheduled at different times throughout the year.